The Growth Of Slavery And Southern Colonies Essay

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The Growth of Slavery in Southern Colonies
Beginning in the 1680s, planters in the southern colonies began to shift from servants to slaves. Economic, geographic, and social factors encouraged the growth of slavery as an important part of the economy of the southern colonies between the years of 1607 and 1775.
Colonial employers had a major problem on their hands, the scarcity and high cost of labor, thus, leading some to turn to enslaved Africans from the West Indies as a solution. This change was unusual as servants were cheap, available, and familiar. Slaves were expensive, difficult to obtain, and exotic. Indentured English and Irish servants outnumbered enslaved Africans until the 1690s. But, white indentured servants became harder to find as fewer young English adults chose not to emigrate as servants after 1666. This change was due to an improving economy in England had provided more jobs, thus, giving them reasons to stay at home. African slaves, then, became more available due to slave trade changing. Eventually, planters found reasons other than slave availability, such as slaves were a better long-term investment rather than indentured servants. Additionally, the enslaved Africans were more used to the weather conditions of the South and was capable of laboring longer than the white indentured servants. Money was essentially forcing this solution as if it were not economically pleasurable – slavery would not be around the colonies at all. For example, the…

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