Essay about The Growth Of A Middle Class Market During Post War America

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Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, popularized Fordism in the 1920’s. Signifying the development of mass production and the establishment of what is now recognised as consumerism. Ford developed the model of mass production, changing the way products were manufactured, simplifying tasks and reducing the necessity for skilled workers in labour roles and introduced management positions to the manufacturing industry. A fundamental principle Henry Ford pioneered was that product manufacturing shouldn’t cost more than a product is worth, that workers were paid enough so that they could afford to purchase the products they were producing (Sayer and Walker, 1992). These principles facilitated the growth of a middle class market in post war America, taking advantage of the position America had found itself in, in a Post-War economic climate. As the American production market was formerly controlled by a small number of industrial tycoons in the 19th century, mass production and the era of Fordism saw American middle class increase rapidly. Assisting in the development of the concept of American prosperity which became prominent throughout the 20th century (Renault, 2007). This essay focuses on the era of Fordism, when was it developed and the state of Fordism in economics and social enterprise today. Furthermore identifying whether Fordism or elements of the regime have simply transpired to other countries. This essay suggests that the fundamental elements of Fordism…

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