The Grievances Of The Declaration Of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence was a document established in the United State as a nation on July 4, 1776.The document was ordered and approved by the continental congress and was written mostly by Thomas Jefferson. The Declaration of Independence was a founding document of American political tradition, stating that all men are equal; emphasizing on individual freedom and liberty. In the early 1740s, colonies were dealing with the problem concerning the King of England, at the peak of this conflict Americans decided to cut off. (Break away)These are the event that led to the Declaration of Independence. The grievances of the American Colonist against King George III, which includes taxation without representation, the Boston …show more content…
The Stamp Act of 1765 was a transfer of tax burden from over taxed British land owners to the American colonist. The direct tax was place on every paper transaction like: Newspapers, marriage certificates, legal documents, lawyers, and residents were affected by this Act. This action sprang up groups like the Sons of Liberty. These Sons of Liberty are a group
Declaration of Independence 2 of men made up of artisans, mechanics, and laborers who believe in freedom and independence. These group of men passed their massage across differently .They convey the massage by mobilizing people into action and circulating petitions. However, the appearance of the Royal Troops in Massachusetts, and the enforcement of heavy tax burden imposed by the Townsend Act led to the growing tension between the Americans and British Troops. The Bostonians were slinging snow balls at the soldiers guarding the custom house for this reason, the British Soldier were angry for being humiliated; this led to the shootout between both parties. The Boston massacre led to the killing of five patriots and six were wounded. The Boston Massacre helped sparked the colonist need for independence in July 4,
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The fact that colonies were not represented in the parliament and the tax burden placed on the thirteen colonies made it mandatory for the colonies to advocate for self-rule. The British incurred so much debt from the French and Indian war, so the different Acts passed was a way to share the war Cost. Regardless every other reason that led to the Declaration of Independence, the main reason why Thomas Jefferson and other colonist wrote the constitution was to explain the need to be separated from the British rule. Americans experienced so many problems. The colonist had to fight to preserve their rights, obtain Freedom, and self-rule, and the only way to achieved that was to disengage from Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence was written because all men have the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. All thirteen colonies believe they have to

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