The Grid Philosophy Of Swiss Style Essay

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From Josef Müller-Brockmann to Armin Hofmann
The grid philosophy in Swiss Style

Swiss graphic design won a great reputation all over the world. It 's intense conceptual approach, ceremonial concentration, and high accuracy in the realisation of the design which formed a distinctive style in that period (Brandle, Gimmi, Junod, Reble, Richter 2014). Josef Müller-Brockmann as a leading pioneer of the Swiss Style played an important role in that time. Particularly, his manifesto grid and design philosophy published in Grid systems in graphic design were followed by a number of designers up to now. In the manifesto he talked about the significant statue grids are in the design and the advantages they bring to the society.

Müller-Brockmann, grid philosophy and Swiss style(1950-1957)
Josef Müller-Brockmann was born in Zurich, Swiss, and he is known for his straightforward style and his brief use of typography, conspicuously Helvetica, shapes and colours which influence many graphic designers in the 21st century (Smeared Black Ink 2008). Importantly, He promoted the grid and the principles of Swiss typography all over the world through his graphic design, lectures, and publications. In 1958, the magazine New Graphic was founded by the ‘Konstruktive Grafik’ exhibition proposed(Hollis 2007). This publication was an influential magazine spreading the idea of Swiss typography (Armstrong 2009). Müller-Brockmann became the representative designer of Swiss Style (Hollis…

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