The Great Writer And Poetic Essay

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Shakespeare , the great writer and poetic , shaped women as figures of weakness, disloyalty and cowardice in most of his plays . In Shakespearean’s era , patriarchal dominance existed , where men exploits women , and women obey men’s rules . Hamlet , one of his tragic plays , revolved around Hamlet and gave him the full attention , which lead to the marginalization of the two female characters , Ophelia and Gertrude . So , The tragic play “ Hamlet “ sheds light on the causes and consequences of Ophelia’s and Gertrude ‘s marginalization . Ophelia , Polonius’s daughter , represents the female character who are marginalized by three characters : Hamlet , Polonius and Laertes . For hamlet , she is just a tool used by him to convince his uncle “ Claudius “ and her father “ Polonius “ that he is mad . And for Polonius and Laertes – her brother - , she is a naïve girl who can’t have control over her desire . As Leverenz noticed “ everyone has used her : Polonius , to gain favors ; Laertes , to belittle hamlet ; Claudius , to spy on hamlet ; Hamlet , to express rage at Gertrude and Hamlet again , to express his feigned madness with her as decoy “ ( 302 ) . Ophelia struggles to have a voice of her own ; she is obeying her father’s commands without questioning . She appears as a silent and weak character , who can’t express his own feelings ; despite believing Hamlet in everything – even his madness - , she can’t disobey her father’s rules “ so please…

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