Essay on The Great Turtle Island Or So Called ' Americas '

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The idea and shaping of the Great Turtle Island or so called ‘Americas’, was a long-lasting period characterized with a lot of transformational changes. The period known as ‘the colonial era’ was a period characterized with massive changes, as well as the people immigrating from all four different continents: Europe, Africa, South America and North America. The interaction and “unity” among the different majorities, were people dependent on classification like race, class and gender. The arousal of the concept ‘liberty’ and the concrete interpretation of what ‘freedom’ meant is explicitly emphasized throughout the colonial period. The contact between the Americas and Europe started as a byproduct of the need for the sea route useful for trade with Asia. It is this contact which turned out as a contest for freedom and power between the rival empires, who started to conquer, exploit and colonize the resources present in the New World (Eric 1).
The Western Hemisphere had a population of tens of millions at the time of this European contact. Among these are the indigenous people - the Indians who practiced their own lifestyles concentrated around agriculture, fishing and hunting. In addition, they had their own language, forms of government and religious practices which varied among the various groups of Native Americans. When the Europeans arrived, a lot of changes were experienced which includes the incorporation to the global market and outbreaks of diseases which devastated…

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