The Great Migration Between 1620 And 1645 Essay

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Between 1620 and 1645, the “great migration” occurred. It was known to be the largest migration for the English with over 45,000 people coming over to the 13 colonies (Alchin, n.d.-b). By the end of the 1600’s there was a rough estimate of 200,000 settled into the colonies. The northeastern part of the new world was the most populated (Springston, 2013). However, that number did not include the other two migrated groups: the Spanish and French. These two groups were on a growth spree, but not one that was as quick as the English. Going into the 1700’s the New World (America) continued to expand in high numbers. The English slowed down for the first couple of decades of the 1700’s due to wars back home and in the colonies (Alchin, n.d.-a). During this time of the movement, the Irish, the German, and the Swiss started to migrate to New World for purposes such as: religion, economic and freedom (Alchin, n.d.-b). There was a not restriction on immigration so many took advantage and came over with offers of free land (Headright System). Year after year population of the New World continued to grow at a rapid rate and soon there was high diversity in the northeastern region. By the time 1750 came, there was a population estimate of over 1.8 million people within the colonies and surrounding. Still during this time the higher percentage were within the 13 colonies area (Springston, 2013). In 1776, the Revolutionary War Era took on a great affect on immigration due to the…

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