The Great Leaders Have Made Lasting Impressions And Changed The World

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Everyone wants to be remembered for something. Making a lasting impression or changing things for the better is something each person should aspire for in their lifetime. Many great leaders have made lasting impressions and changed the world because of their conquest for wanting a better way of life for themselves and others. To become someone who is remembered, it takes more than just talking the talk. Great leaders walked the walk. To be unforgettable, leaders started on a path towards greatness. The first step on that path was a belief in themselves. As they strived to develop qualities of greatness their sense of character grew and each became someone who would not be forgotten. Some of the key characteristics that set great leaders apart from others are courage, persistence, and the ability to see the bigger picture.
A person who left a legacy and showed great courage was Cornelia “Corrie” ten Boom. She was a Dutch Christian woman, who not only helped, but saved many Jews during World War II. Corrie showed great courage by hiding Jews in her room during the war. She, along with members of her family, were taken to a concentration camp. She set an example of strength and determination that she would survive and through her courage and bravery she endured the concentration camp life for a cruel nine months. After her release from the concentration camp, she made it her life mission to help refugees and concentration camp survivors (“Corrie ten Boom Biography”). She…

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