Essay on The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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A great narrative begins with great characters. Most authors work to create a hero who is complicated and worthy of the reader’s attention. They want the reader to connect with the protagonist, to see beyond their transgressions, and to have empathy for the person they will inevitably become. While F. Scott Fitzgerald often created notable heroes in his works, his greatest accomplishments were in the complicated villains he devised. In his short story “Winter Dreams” Fitzgerald penned such a devious and complex character in Judy Jones. She was complicated in such a way that a reader could both respect and despise her. From the beginning it was easy to dislike Judy. One of the key elements to the complexity of her character came from her lack of humility. She was essentially a spoiled brat, which became apparent in our first encounter with her. While it was unclear how old Dexter Green, our hero, was at the time of their first meeting, but we do know that Judy Jones was eleven years old. Her nursemaid accompanied her to the golf course that Dexter caddied for, waiting for a golf instructor. At first she appeared to be a normal eleven-year-old girl, sweet and frilly, but then Judy’s vile personality was revealed, as she attempted to beat her maid with one of her golf clubs. Judy seemed to look down on those she considered beneath her, which reflected in her behavior toward her maid. Dexter realized this, and quit his job just so he would not have to endure her…

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