The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Great Gatsby
The most blatant misfortunes occur due to the foolish nature humans possess. They are a result of personal carelessness. With many difficulties arising from the careless actions people are prone to make, mistakes result. Those who have made these mistakes, especially in The Great Gatsby, lack the ability to accept responsibility for actions they have taken. Carelessness in The Great Gatsby is a prominent representation of the power the wealthy bestowed in 1920’s society. Gatsby, Tom, and Daisy manipulate the results of their frivolous action through their money and accompanying status. The careless actions that characters make in this novel continuously lacks repercussions and adequate consequences. Carelessness in The Great Gatsby is pivotal in many lives as it creates problems that need to be contained and controlled to maintain social status.
Daisy’s personality is absorbed in this overwhelming sense of importance that is a result of the wealth and status she has obtained. Her preoccupations with self proclaimed love and over confidence in herself enables her to live a careless life where she does not have to deal with the repercussion brought forth by her actions. Daisy’s overconfidence is highlighted and exemplified through the narrator when she states, “I’ve been everywhere and seen everything and done everything. Sophisticated- God, I’m sophisticated” (17). With this characteristics of immense self pride, carelessness is accompanied as she isn’t able…

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