The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Have you ever read a book or even experienced in real life, a situation where people believe someone is innocent and would never do any harm, but in the end you ultimately find out they are nowhere near what you thought they were. Some people claim to be something they are not. In The Great Gatsby, Daisy was portrayed as an innocent woman, but turned out to be the opposite.
Daisy was cheating on Tom with Gatsby. Gatsby and Daisy already had history, even before Tom came into the picture, since Gatsby was indeed Daisy 's first love than there was a better chance of them having an affair now. When Daisy received a letter from Gatsby it made her doubt her wedding with Tom and was ready to just stop it, but her desire for money was stronger (“Herstory” and Daisy Buchanan). This just shows the readers how uncertain Daisy was about her feelings for Tom and how she would have much rathered be with Gatsby if it wasn 't for his social standing. Nick told Gatsby "I hear you fired all your servants.” I wanted someone who wouldn 't gossip. Daisy comes over quite often- in the afternoons” (Fitzgerald 114). Gatsby fired all his servants because he knew that they could spread rumors about how Daisy was frequently at his house. Some readers justify Daisies cheating because she was truly in love with Gatsby, but in the end she is committing the same sin Tom had committed.
Daisy doesn 't care about her daughter. When Nick was talking to Daisy, she said “I 'm glad it 's a girl. And I hope…

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