The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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For many, The Great Gatsby is a story of two thwarted lovers. However, upon deeper analysis, the Great Gatsby is a work written by F. Scott Fitzgerald that criticizes the American dream at a time where it was unbelievably corrupt. The Great Gatsby occurs in the jazz age, in the middle of the 1920s. Fitzgerald bases it in New York, where the jazz age was strongest. This gives us a perfect setting to see exactly what becomes wrong with the American dream when people take it too far. The novel follows the path of two people who have lived up to the American dream (Daisy and Gatsby) under the observation of someone who has not reached the upper class (Nick). This setting and characters create a book in which the theme is the effects of corruption of the American dream. I believe this theme of the effects of corruption of the American dream are shown in the film by three main aspects; the way the characters act, the setting, and Gatsby’s death.
In the Great Gatsby we find the characters hard to relate to, they live in a such of a style that is extravagant and wasteful. Tom and Daisy have worked little for their riches but they take full advantage of it and seem poster children for the American dream. Yet they have let their wealth turn into something unappealing. They treat their child as an object, they are so caught up in their wealth they hardly realize their child wants to spend time with her parents. Tom’s affair with Myrtle is a perfect example of the theme, Tom had it all…

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