Essay about The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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F. Scott Fitzgerald shows many weakening points in the idea of the American Dream using the book The Great Gatsby through the topics of American being a land of bounty and beauty, the belief in progress and optimism, and triumph of an individual. He disproves the idea of America being a beautiful land with unlimited opportunities by showing the reader the hardships of the people living in the Valley of Ashes. Fitzgerald denies the belief of progress and that everything eventually getting better and easier, by showing the separation of the people who are working hard and trying to accomplish the American Dream, compared to the people who have already attained wealth through their family. There is a lot of optimism contained in the concept of the American Dream that the people are moving toward prosperity, justice, and joy but through the story it is shown that this idea of eventually getting better will not be the actual turnout. The final example that is shown through The Great Gatsby is the triumph of the individual. It is said that a self-made individual, that has created success for them self through their choices and actions, is the only way that a person can obtain the American Dream. In the novel Fitzgerald uses the character Gatsby, who started off as a poor boy, who becomes an extremely wealth man through illegal actions to show his audience that he still does not live his own American Dream. His dream is to win over the lovely girl Daisy, and even after he…

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