Essay on The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In “The Great Gatsby” Gatsby is really obsessive about Daisy, who he was in love with 5 years earlier but, the war separated them and she got married to another man named Tom. He goes to excessive lengths to try and win back Daisy. Gatsby has been obsessed with trying to win back Daisy Buchanan so much that he uses his neighbor Nick to help Gatsby meet Daisy once again. He throws extravagant parties, bought a house across from Daisy’s, and has his bed facing the window that looks over Daisy’s house.
The huge parties that Gatsby has throughout the summer for one reason only, not to have people see his gargantuan house, but it is because he hopes Daisy will show up at one of his parties. Daisy is the girl he fell in love with before he went out to the war, but because he was at war, Daisy decided to marry another rich man named Tom Buchanan. For theses parties, Gatsby had his house decked out from the ground up with “enough colored lights to make a Christmas tree of Gatsby’s enormous garden,” (Fitzgerald 44). He puts so many lights on his house so that across the bay it is visible from Daisy’s house and it might get her to come to one of the parties. He also had an ample amount of food being served “on buffet tables, garnished with glistening hor d’œurve, spiced hams… pastry pigs and turkeys,” (44). Gatsby makes the parties so big and extravagant because “he half expected [Daisy] to wander into one,” (84), but he has also failed for 5 years. Usually after a few months to a…

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