The Great Gatsby By F. Luhrmann Essay

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The Great Gatsby, one of the most seen movies based on the 1920’s is what I will be doing my creatique analysis on. The great gatsby is known for its elation and bad fortune on how the American dream was portrayed in the 1920’s which was also known as the jazz age time period. The director Baz Luhrmann manifestes this plot into a visual creation of the American dream target, impossible affection, wealthiness, and the jazz age. Films are well known for grabbing the audience 's attention and emotions but mainly establishing different features that the movie contain in order to make it intense and interesting. These features are settings, sounds, and specifics character who can play and demonstrate the role in the story plot. Movies are rated by the quality on how much time is devoted to the film and it’s plot, the scene, characters, setting, and sound to make an outstanding film that affects audience’s. The Great Gatsby authenticates many qualities that I will be establishing throughout this essay.

In the 1900’s to 1940’s which is a period of time best known as the jazz age. The Jazz age is a historical time period where all that people knew was drinking, attending parties, and showing off their money to other wealthy citizens. The setting is taken place in New York City, but mainly West and East egg valley in the industrial place of the valley of ashes. The valley of ashes are displayed as the poor people in the movie, it is the pathway from the west egg into New York city…

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