Essay about The Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

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The Wonders of Great Expectations

In the year 1860, Charles Dickens wrote the book Great Expectations. This book shows the personal growth of a young boy named Pip. Charles Dickens Great Expectations shows how to overcome change by using social issues, personal issues, and symbolism.

Charles Dickens, a british novelist, was born on February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth, England. His parents John and Elizabeth had a total of eight children, but Charles was the second child. John was a naval clerk that believed he could strike it rich, and Elizabeth dreamed that she would one day be a school teacher and school director. Even though his parents had dreams of going big their family still was poor. In 1816, the family moved to Chatham, Kent, where the kids were able to do basically whatever they wanted. The kids were also able to go to the old castle at Rochester. In 1824 Charles father was sent to jail for debt. Following this event, Charles was forced to leave school and become a boot blacking factory. When the family finances were put at least partly to rights and his father was released, the twelve-year-old Dickens, already scarred psychologically by the experience, was further wounded by his mother 's insistence that he continue to work at the factory (Cody). In 1827, Charles Dickens dropped out of school to work in a office and help pay some bills around the house. The office job became a jump start for his career. In 1833, he began submitting sketches to magazines and…

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