The Great Depression Of F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Francis Scott Fitzgerald Francis Scott Fitzgerald is a famous writer who was born in the 1890’s and became famous during the 1920s, but lived a terrible life after his popularity wore off and The Great Depression hit. Fitzgerald was born on September 24th of 1896, in Saint Paul, California. He had Irish blood in him, but he was born an American. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a writer of his own time, his career followed the pattern of his nation, booming in the 1920s but dying out once The Great Depression hit. His Rhetorical brilliance and ability to express his times has established him as one of the major novelists of the 20th century, although his talents are a mystery (Donald). Fitzgerald grew up more on the poor side, but he and his family traveled a lot because of his dad’s job. Edward Fitzgerald, Francis’s dad, came from tried, old stock with roots in Maryland. Edward got a job that took him and his family to Buffalo and Syracuse, where Fitzgerald spent his first decade of life growing up. Although the company let Edward go later on, so they returned to Saint Paul and after that Edward drank a little more than he should have. Francis loved his father, but could never respect him. As a boy Fitzgerald believed his blood was of royalty, because his dad’s great-great grandfather was the brother of Francis Scott Key’s grandfather. Fitzgerald’s mother was proud of the Key connection she had married into (Donald). F. Scott Fitzgerald’s mother, Mollie Fitzgerald, loved her…

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