The Great Depression Of Canada Essay

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Canada in the 1930s hit a difficult time as the Great Depression affected Canada almost as equally as it did the United States of America. As the stock market crashed in October of 1929 in New York, the effect of it was felt across all North America as more then one-quarter of Canadians were out of work. Throughout the ten years of the depression, the way in which it most affected Canadians was through unemployment which led many into poverty. Typically, it was ideal for the man to achieve a high enough wage that he could support his wife and children, and it was tradition for women to take on the responsible role of caring for the children and managing the household, and the idea of keeping the family wage was hard to maintain when the Great Depression occurred. The role that many women had to take on during this difficult time was important and difficult as they often had to such save of food and clothing purchases, work odd jobs where ever they could find them of create them for themselves and also writing to the Canadian government was all pivotal in helping families supplement and stretch out the wages in an attempt to help families cope with the finical difficulties of the Great Depression. From early on, income had always determined a family’s way of life and where they sat on the social ladder, and this was especially the case during the Great Depression. Typically after marriage, the wife would quit her job to be the ‘homemaker’ and stay at home to cook, clean, and…

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