Essay about The Great Depression Of Canada Today

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The great depression In Canada today we have many advantages compared to other countries, we don 't tolerate racism or discrimination and we provide free healthcare and jobs to every Canadian citizen. But 75 years ago, we did not have any of these advantages. The Great Depression was one of the most desperate times Canada had or would ever see, which is why it was the most scaring period for Canadians. Although nowadays Canadians live one of the most convent lives in the world, they still had to live through some of the most horrendous conditions, where 1/5 Canadians were on relief[1] and child labour was accepted. During the Great Depression, there was next to no health care, and if there was it was only for the wealthy. Leslie Brook, who lived during the depression painted the picture of what it felt like during the time, "Many of us have not been to the dentist for the past 3 years, we just can 't afford it... Our clothes are threadbare and fast approaching the state when we will hardly be presentable for a job".[2] Many Canadians like Leslie suffered and grew extremely sick because of the lack of hygiene present, which proves that Canadians had to go through a very diminished quality of life because of the little medical attention they could receive. Not only that but because of the little maintenance Canadians were hardly presentable for the very few jobs that were even available. Separation of families was also very common during…

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