The Great Depression : A Long Term Economic Event That The American People

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The Great Depression was a long term economic event that the American people experienced from 1929-1945. Many people were unemployed and unable to gain any incomes to support their families, leaving many homeless. Prior to the Depression, Herbert Hoover was elected in 1928 when the economy was still enjoying the Roaring Twenties. Hoover believed in three things which included rugged individualism, voluntary cooperation, and that the economy would experience had natural cycles. Hoover introduced rugged individualism which was individuals helping themselves. Next, Hoover introduced voluntary cooperation, which was individuals helping themselves with churches or charities. Hoover would soon be overwhelmed with the economic depression and his economic plans would not aid during his term. In 1928, America’s economy was still prosperous, but his wait and see approach was not a strong enough approach to overcome the depression. FDR, also known as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was elected in 1932, the early period of the Great Depression. FDR believed in three R’s: relief, reform, and recovery in order to get the American people through this rough economic patch. His idea and belief was a “try anything approach” also known as the New Deal. The New Deal involved a lot of social and federal programs that provided jobs, unemployment relief, and educational programs. All of these programs were meant to try to stimulate the economy. Overall,the New Deal was a success because it helped…

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