The Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck Essay

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The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck is a heart wrenching and eye opening novel. Steinbeck gives a clear and precise picture with the words he employs. One recurring perspective, abundantly obvious, is prejudism. Anger, fear and misunderstanding flow between the Californians and the Oklahoma immigrants, all of which cause a double-sided prejudice.
As the Oklahomans come in droves from their devastated lands and attempt to build a new life for themselves, the Californians angrily look at them as a threat to their way of life. An example of such a belief is found in chapter 20 of Steinbeck 's novel. The Joads escape the Hooverville while the locals burn it down. Informed of a possible job in a southern town, they are quickly stopped in the middle of the road and refused passage by a mob of angry men. The men inform the Joads that “We ain’t gonna have no goddamn Okies in this town.” (382) The discrimination towards the Oklahomans is extremely destructive. The big farmers know how desperate the oklahomans are, and take advantage of the situation. The immigrants are promised jobs at a certain price. They arrive hungry and penniless, only to find a job waiting for them at half the promised price (335). Helplessly they take the job to try and survive. Due to this maltreatment, anger quickly grows among the immigrants. Groups of men wanting fair pay and equality begin to form. Labeled “Reds”, these men start a strike and fight against the system that keeps them in extreme poverty…

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