The Government 's View Of Freedom Essay

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The Government 's View of Freedom
The constitution is the foundation of democracy that cannot be broken or altered. Edward Snowden, a trusted government computer analyst, exposed thousands of American secrets. The government accused him of treason so he fled to Russia for safety. Society was left in fear because their privacy rights were violated. Snowden is an American hero, who risked his life for the sake of the public to know of the government’s wrongdoing.
Some people might say that Snowden destroyed agreements and relationships between foreign countries, which derailed the aid received between the two. The conflicts Snowden caused due to his revelation is emphasized when Carafano sets up his argument by providing evidence of his claim that, “The two democracies had worked out a practical, mutually beneficial information-sharing deal that helped them deal with sensitive issues like refugees and human trafficking. Snowden’s disclosures have now jeopardized this valuable cooperative effort”. When Snowden exposed the information to the public, relations that allowed the United States to assist citizens and provide solutions to issues was harmed in the process, which would awake the argument that Snowden should have found a better strategy to giving out the actions of the government. These claims are inaccurate because if Snowden followed other procedures and went to the higher officials to notify them that their actions were wrong, he would not stand a chance against the…

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