V For Vendetta Movie Analysis

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"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." Is a quote used in the film V for Vendetta by the main character “V”. I agree with this quote since, there are more citizens than government members and the only reason a dictatorship like the government is in control is because of their citizens’ fear. If the people stop fearing the government and stand united, the dictatorship will have no power and not be able to do anything. Once someone like “V” stands up to the government and is successful, the government will not be able to function. If the people do not agree with the government on anything and the citizens stop supporting them, there will
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His main plan is to bring freedom and justice to a cruel and corrupt society. He feels that citizens of the country are not allowed freedom. He wanted all citizens to believe that the government should no longer rule over them and if they stand united, there is liberty. If everyone stood together and took a chance against the government, they would have a shot at change. This is shown in the ending of the movie when several hundred thousand people show up in masks in front of Parliament and stand against the governments’ soldiers and manage to make the government fear the people. From observing that all power over everything is empowered in a few people, we can conclude that the government is in the form of a dictatorship in the movie V for Vendetta. This is because the government and the police treat civilians like slaves and prisoners. They have no feelings or any sympathy for their citizens and they just kill the people who stand against them. They even tested diseases and cures on people. After being faced with discrimination and being tested on, “V” decides to go against the government and give the gift of freedom to all the citizens of Britain. Many people were also discriminated against in the society such as immigrants, homosexuals, and Muslims or any other religions. They killed Evey’s friend Dietrich for making fun of the Chancellor Adam Susan and having the religious text of the Muslim culture. In the scene when all the people were in front of parliament, the government couldn’t do anything because if they kill all of V’s supporters, they wouldn’t have control over anyone anymore and they were highly

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