Essay on The Government Of The People 's Republic Of China

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To the government of the People 's Republic of China (PRC), any negotiation with Taiwanese government was allowable expect the independence of Taiwan. One china, the idea that Taiwan was a territory rightfully belonging to China, served as the baseline attitude of the PRC. However, the concept of One China became continuously ambiguous in recent years especially when Taiwanese formed their own cultural, political system and understanding about Chinese nationalism. However, the PRC government still approved the idea of One China, and established the positive image of events or historical figures to support this idea. For instance, a television drama 沧海百年 (100 year History of a Heroic Family in Taiwan) was produced by China Central Television (CCTV) in 2004. As a representative of Taiwan local strongmen in the 19th century, Lin’s family was often described as a heroic family because of their frequent involvements in ‘patriotic’ military activities due to their strong attachment of Chinese/Fujianese/Taiwanese identity. However, the actions of Lin’s family in the central Taiwan were primarily motivated for their family interests and often characterized as violent expansion and collaboration with the government. More importantly, the concepts such as Chinese/Taiwanese/Fujianese used in this drama were complicated in their definitions and connotations legally and politically. The use of these concepts to justify “One China” can be absurd to the majority of Taiwanese. This paper…

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