The Government Is Based On Democracy Essay

747 Words Sep 29th, 2016 3 Pages
Our government is based on democracy. It is true that we are not a real democracy as the ancient Greek, but is an essential thing that must be followed by the people. The people need to be involved with the government to keep the country functioning as it has been for many years. It is the people who need to participate in a political process to be aware of what our future candidates can offer to our country. Even though many would not see it, do in it can bring many things creating a positive change to our country. They are many people who don’t have the requirements to participate in a political process in the United States. These citizens would like to participate and make their voice and support count. However, many United States citizens who are eligible to participate take their opportunity for granted. These citizens find it completely unnecessary. They believe that it would not make a difference or that it is perhaps just a completely waste of time. Another reason why people don’t want to do it is because they don’t want to get involve in a political fight. For example, with the two candidates and their parties that we have at this moment. Some people wouldn’t like to participate because they believe that they are just being part of a show follow by the many different types of Social Media. Or that neither of the candidates can offer something good, but how are they going to know if they don 't even have the initiative to participate. These people don 't see the…

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