The Good, Moral And Just World War II Essay

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The Good, Moral and Just World War II
Since the Old Testament days, society has tried to define what determines war as good, moral and just. Examining the causes of war, this paper will investigate how society labels acceptable and inacceptable wars. The purpose of this paper is to discover if there is are any good, moral or just wars. Through eyewitness testimonies to historian research this paper will consider all perspectives. Further this paper will work to determine if the label types of World War II are correct or simply attributes of a bigger picture.
Moral Perspectives of a Good War
Historians and those that experienced World War II debate the moral dimensions of the straightforward and complexities that divide and unite countries. In Studs Terkel’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, The “Good War”: An Oral History of World War Two he claimed, “World War II is widely considered one of the most morally unambiguous military conflicts in all history—the quintessential “Good War.”” (Bess, p. 9) As observers of history, moral dimensions of war greatly depend on the perspective from memories of stories. “In these memories we find many elements of the “Good War,” of the righteous crusade against fascism, of pride, fervor, and elation; but we also find significant dissonant notes of shame, pain, and doubt.” (Bess, p. 13) Unless a war is won against a tyrant like Adolf Hitler, it would be impossible to call any war a “good war.” In fact, the “reason why World War II ultimately…

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