The Golden Apples By Eudora Welty Essay

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In recent decades, a great deal of scholarship has emerged regarding the topic of mythological and fairy tale appropriation in Eudora Welty’s various works, especially in her short story collection The Golden Apples. Secondary to her utilization of myth and fairy tale is the accompanying gender role reversal evident in her re-structuration and characterization of the traditional tales that she chooses to interpret. However, the fact that scholars like Rebecca Mark, Joseph Millichap, and Lauren Berlant endeavor to apply that same feminist criticism to her entire body of work rather than solely to her short story collection, The Golden Apples, adds an additional layer of understanding to the critical consensus that Welty systematically filtered mythical allusions through her particular feminine and Southern perspective (Mark 1). In doing so, post-modern scholarship aims to prove that Eudora Welty’s distinctive feminist perspective aims to reverse gender roles primarily to establish parity between genders rather than to perpetuate disparity between and superiority of one gender over the other. Drawing upon her time growing up in the family-oriented American South, Welty’s extensively well-read background allowed her to incorporate the concepts of mythology and fairy tales into her heavily relational narratives and to reimagine them into her own American and feminine context, namely in her short stories Petrified Man and The Wanderers. As mentioned, Eudora Welty was very…

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