The Gold Of Yellow Diamonds Essay

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While pink diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds in the world, yellow diamonds are fairly common among diamonds that are colored naturally. This guide will help you decide the shade of yellow diamond that is best for your needs as well as whether you want one that is naturally colored or treated to gain its spectacular shading.

The Grading of White to Yellow Diamonds

When grading white diamonds, the scale moves from D, which is the most flawless diamond with no color whatsoever, to the designation of Z, which is when a white diamond has the introduction of a pale, yellowish tone. This tone isn 't usually visible to the naked eye. When white diamonds get into the realm of Z, the price decreases because as a white diamond, they aren 't as pure. When the yellow tint is visible without magnification, it 's considered a pale yellow color, which moves the diamond into the category of colored diamond. It 's instantly more valuable than the degraded white diamond with the yellow tinge.

The Cause of Yellow Diamonds

Each colored diamond was exposed to a process while it was being formed that caused it to change from a white diamond to a colored one. For example, green diamonds were exposed to radiation that resulted in the coloring of the gem. When it comes to yellow diamonds, the color is due to nitrogen molecules that absorb blue light.

Color Scale for Grading a Yellow Diamond

Since yellow diamonds fall off the white scale and onto the yellow scale for grading, it 's a…

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