The Goal, By Eliyahu M Essay

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The Goal, by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox, centers on Alex Rogo who receives a visit by the division’s vice president, Bill Peach, in relations to some severely late orders. The division vice president also advises him of the state of the company he has been entrusted with. The company is losing money and Alex Rogo has a deadline of three months to fix whatever issues it has and turn a profit or close the facility.
In reading The Goal, as with any business, the goal is to make a profit now and be able to be effective and efficient in the future. One learning experience in this book is that when things look or appear to be in order there can still be issues lurking in the background that can tell a different story. In this man’s journey to getting the business back on track, there are people- (personal or in business) and there are procedures and processes that can affect goals. Another aspect that can be a knowledgeable asset is to learn to ask questions of others and of yourself; this can open doors to underlying problems and revelations. Another attribute that can be beneficial is learning and understanding how honesty and plain common sense are important and affect results when trying to come up with goals and solutions.
The Goal helped to give an understanding of the connections between the Theory of Constraints, Total Quality Management, and Just in Time Strategy to increase the ability to be profitable. With all of these methods, profit or money is the objective.…

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