The Goal Behind Conservation : The Conservation Of Nature And Animals Found On Earth

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If you allow yourself to visualize the earth without industrialization generated by humans, you may see a substantial amount of forests, animals, and overall environmental aesthetic. Over the years humans have advanced in many areas such as industrialization, technological advancement, and nuclear weaponry. These developments were made to benefit humans, but the advancement jeopardizes the conservation of nature and the well being of the animals that roamed the earth long before us humans. The goal behind conservation is the preservation of any aspect involving nature. A large part of understanding conservation is being able to view the effort from an ethical standpoint regarding the environment (e.g. egalitarian biocentrism). There are conservation efforts that have been or are currently being fought on the behalf of roadkill and for the complete rejection of hydraulic fracking. These wars against environmental deterioration must be stopped to establish respect for the intrinsic value of nature and animals found on earth.
The earth is the only known planet that can sustain life, so it is essential that we treat it with respect by caring for the environment and the animals in it. Today, industrialization is highly encouraged among nations because of competition arising from all other countries. We make new and improved nuclear weapons as a safety concern in possible cases of terrorism and world wars. Although, this causes a problem for the reason that nuclear waste can be…

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