The Glory Of Being American Essay

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The real portion of the Show that really made his message important to Americans was what he had to say to the viewers. Sheen had many topics on his show with varying subjects. Some of his more popular subjects he would talk about were patriotism, communism, and family . Sheen shows the Catholic Church definitely has ties with Americans. These ties are crucial for others to see in where it shows that Catholics are not just in their own group but they are American as well. In several of his episodes there many subject pertaining to this. One example is shown in the titled the glory of being American. Sheen analyzes here that we are symbolized as an eagle. The very bird that represents America itself. Sheen sees us as people who are eagles which protect and save from disaster just like it does to its young . Sheen showed an ideology that violence is tempting for love and country. Sheen has quoted at time Jefferson and his views of revolution and patriotism. This and several of times had comparisons of other ideas. In an episode about patriotism, Sheen on his famous blackboard analyzes the revolutionary tactics of America and the French Revolution . As Jefferson he explained was about God and governing, the French Revolution brought on terror . This was brought up to show really that even violence is in both revolutions one had to do an actual dream and one was just reckless and had no direction to it. America was showed its patriotic reason to God and its people not through…

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