The Globe Theater

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Shake It Till You Make It

“To be, or not to be?” (Hamlet, Act III, Scene I) One of the most well-known phrases in the world, invented by one of the most celebrated playwrights. William Shakespeare was wonderful to say the least. Saying that he was amazing, does not do him proper justice. From humble beginnings to famous playwright, Shakespeare had an incredibly renowned life. The Globe Theater being his stage (literally!). He wrote many legendary plays and invented thousands of phrases that the world still uses today.

William Shakespeare was born on April 1564 in Stratford-on-Avon. He married Anne Hathaway on November 28 1582. They had 3 children; a daughter Susanna, born in 1583 and twins named Hamnet and Judith born in 1585. After
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The Globe Theater otherwise known as The Globe, Globe or The Playhouse established in 1599. This glorious theater rose 3 stories high with a diameter of approximately 100 ft., having a seating capacity of up to 3,000 people. The stage was rectangular and nearly 43 ft. wide and 28 ft. deep. In 1613 it burnt to the ground from a cannon shot during the play King Henry VIII, and was quickly rebuilt in 1614. But in 1642 the playhouses and theaters were closed down, and the parts were used for building materials and then the English Civil war began. In 1660 the theaters were rebuilt and the plays …show more content…
Shakespeare also wrote 5 poems and 154 sonnets. Sonnets 1-126 are to a beloved friend, and sonnets 127-154 are to a “Dark Lady”. Not only did Shakespeare write plays and sonnets, but while he wrote those he invented over 1700 of our common words by changing nouns into verbs, changing verbs into adjectives, connecting words that never were used together before, adding prefixes and suffixes, and completely fabricating words out of thin air. Just a few of his words include, but are not limited to; All’s well that ends well, birthplace, bloodsucking, downstairs, fanged, heart sore, hunched back, leapfrog, misquote, radiance, school boy, watchdog, zany, break the ice, elbow room, faint hearted, good riddance, jealousy is the green eyed monster, heart of gold, in a pickle, knock, knock? Who’s there?, love is blind and, out of the jaws of death.

The eminent William Shakespeare on his 53rd birthday (April 23, 1616). The

cause of his death is a mystery, theories ranging from Tertiary Syphilis and Typhoid fever to Alcohol and drug abuse. The only way to discover why this illustrious man died

is to exhume his bones, but, consequently he has a curse written on his tomb and that is; Good frend for Jesus sake forebeare,

To digg the dust encloased heare;

Bleste be the man that

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