Essay about The Glass Ceiling Of Advertising

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Fiona Revels-Okeefe
Prof. Handel
4 Dec. 2016
The Glass Ceiling of Advertising
Contemporary advertising conveys numerous stereotypes manipulating consumers by selling “who we want to be.” To sell a product the company must make the product relatable to their select demographic. All too often these very products, toys, and clothing are marketed differently based on gender. One of the most pivotal decades of American stereotyping began in the 1950s when women were often exclusively portrayed as domestic; however, these cultural stereotypes were later rocked by feminism. As such, advertisers were forced to represent these steadily evolving portrayals of women. In the 1950s the media conveyed women as a motherly. In the article “Fifty Years of Advertising Images” by John Mager and James G. Helgeson, the authors discuss these stereotypes “Popular U.S. culture, during what may be labeled as the traditional or pre feminist era (pre-1950 to approximately the early 1960s), had positioned women in the private sphere, often in the home. On the other hand, men were usually positioned in the public sphere, often in places of work and in portrayals that indicated authority. In positioning men and women differently relative to the public and private spheres, masculinity was granted powers in the social order that were not granted to femininity”(Mager and Helgeson 329).

As such, Americans were constantly entrenched by domestic images of women trying to impress their…

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