Essay about The Girl Child Is Charity 's Mother

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Knowing that something special was going to happen that day, because she could feel it deep inside her soul, Charity sprung out of bed. Her grandpa had always said that she had the “gift of knowing,” the same as her grandmother, Mi 'thebe, had. Mi’ thebe was a Cherokee name that in English meant Shadowy Moon. As she stepped outside the old, log cabin she took a deep breath of the cool, fresh mountain air and then stretched her back, leaning from side to side to remove the stiffness she felt from sleeping in her not so comfortable bed, which consisted of a straw-ticked mattress atop a wooden bunk that seemed to became flatter each year as she grew older. Her grandfather had built the cabin some fifty-odd years earlier as a wedding gift for her grandmother, Mi’ thebe. The bunk and mattress had been made for the girl-child that came along some twenty years after they wed. The girl-child was Charity‘s mother, Gige’sdi.
Charity’s mother had been named Gige’sdi, because of the violet color of her eyes. Being the daughter of a Frenchman and a Cherokee squaw, Gige’sdi, had been a raven haired beauty that turned the head of many a young brave. It wasn 't long before she caught the attention of a handsome, young brave named, Ugug Usdi. Ugug Usdi was an old name meaning, Little Owl.
Charity, could not remember her parents at all, and often wondered what her life would have been like, if they had lived through the yellow fever epidemic that occurred when she was only…

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