The Gilded Age Of America Essay

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America from after the Civil War up until the 1890’s is described as being the period of time that was golden on the outside, but if you scratch the surface corrupt underneath. This period is known as the Gilded Age, which is a term invented by a famous American author Mark Twain. During the Gilded Age, America was facing serious social problems. These problems were being masked by the advancements of the new modern nation it was turning into. This era is significant because there is no event that solely occurred that resulted in defining the Gilded Age. Therefore, there is multiple factors that are associated instead. These factors include industrialization, immigration, westward expansion, and urbanization. It is through these factors that America’s society became fully developed into the modern nation of today. Industrialization is defined as the build up of industries on a wide scale. America was the leading industrial nation after the Civil War. This was due to the many industries it had to offer. Some industries included US Steel founded by Andrew Carnegie, Standard Oil founded by John D. Rockefeller, and J.P. Morgan & Co. founded by J.P. Morgan. All of these industries dealt with big money, large amounts of product, and being of service to a lot of people. However, the most prominent industry in the American society was the first billion dollar corporation US Steel. At the time, steel was considered a strong industry because that was how nations measured their status…

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