The Ghetto For Two Years Essay

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Daniel Lee I hadn’t seen food for days. I was starving, homeless, weak and alone. I had been in the ghetto for two years now and surprisingly, I was still alive. I missed my old life. I missed my parents. I missed Warsaw. I could still clearly remember that very day when the Nazis raided our district in the winter of 1940. I was still asleep when I was awoken by the screams of my neighbours down stairs. I could hear plates smashing, Nazis barking orders, thuds and crashes, and a sudden silence when a pistol went off. I hid beneath my blankets in fear and began to cry. I was alone. Mama and Papa had already left for their night shifts. I was so scared. I didn’t want to die. I could hear voices getting closer and closer. Louder and louder. CRASH! They knocked down the front door, frantically searching through each room. They whipped the blanket off my bed and caught me like a possum. There were four of them, all dressed in their immaculate night black SS uniforms. An iron cross dangled from the breast pocket of their suits and a swastika wrapped itself around the sleeve of their left arms. Not a single crease appeared on their tailored Hugo Boss suits. The moonlight reflected off their polished silver buttons and insignia and momentarily blinded my vision. They gazed deep into my eyes. “Aufstehen!!” “Get up!!” one of them barked at me. They pulled me out and threw me onto the ground. “Hahaha,” they all laughed. I didn’t know what to do. One of them pulled out his 9mm Luger…

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