The Gestapo Of America By Kathryn Johnston Essay

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The Gestapo Of America
Kathryn Johnston was alone in her Atlanta, Georgia, home at the age of 92. It was night, and she was most likely preparing for bed. Suddenly her door was busted down without a word and armed men crowded her doorway. Naturally she attempted to defend herself and fired her pistol one time above the men’s heads. In rapid succession 39 bullets violated her house from the intruders’ high powered weapons. The old and frail woman was pronounced dead, riddled with six bullet holes throughout her body. The attackers were police, a SWAT team that had been sent to investigate reported drug dealing from the elderly woman. They had kicked down her door without announcing themselves because they had obtained a “no-knock warrant.” When the narcotics team found no traces of drugs in the home some of the officers planted marijuana to cover up their mistake. This is just one of many examples where police acting like soldiers have murdered peaceful American citizens. The American police force should reduce their use of paramilitary tactics, as they have resulted in the harm of citizens and raised taxes by millions of dollars unnecessarily, all while violating the constitution.
Every year SWAT teams are deployed around 50,000 times, as opposed to 3,000 times in 1980; unfortunately, as this number increases, so do the problems with police harming citizens. SWAT raids have become more and more frequent as normal police jobs, such as minor drug busts, are handed over to SWAT…

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