The Genocide Of The Rwandan Genocide Essay

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Keiasha Coates
Mrs. Sammons
English II
19 October, 2015
Tragedy in Rwanda “What kind can kill another man, let alone a child? A man not born to hate, but who has learned hatred” (“Ralph Waldo Emerson”). In 1994 Rwanda’s population of seven million people was composed of three ethnic groups: Hutu made up 85% of the population, Tutsi 14%, and Twa 1%(“Genocide In Rwanda”). The Rwandan Genocide was a violation of many different human rights; which includes, but is not limited to Article 12 of the Declaration of Human Rights. We as fellow humans living in a civilized society, have also violated Human Rights Article 29.
Many hearts were broken, many lives were taken, and many Human Rights were violated. Before the genocide, most of the Rwandan population belong to the Hutu ethnicity. Rwanda attracted Tutsis because of the nature of historical pasture, and agricultural roles. Consequently, as more Tutsis started coming to Rwanda, the more they disregarded the Hutus. As this went on the Tutsis made a thoughtless introduction of Ethnic identity being fixed from birth contributed to the unsettling stability of Rwandan society. With this, some Tutsis began to behave like aristocrats, and the Hutu began to feel treated like peasant (“Life Before The Genocide”). The Tutsis violated Article I by trying to contempt with the Hutus. On April 6, 1994, a plane carrying president Habyarimana, a Hutu was shot down. Violence began almost immediately after that (“Genocide In Rwanda”). Tutsis…

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