The Genocide Of Cambodi Cambodia Essays

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Genocide in Cambodia
Cambodia, which is in South East Asia, has few people, but large land area and used to be peaceful and nonaligned. However, this all changed when Pol Pot’s desire to purify Cambodian society of all western influence and his rise to power following the US withdrawal from Vietnam, destabilized the region which led to genocide in Cambodia. Genocide occurred in Cambodia between 1975-1979. The genocide occurred by surprise as “the dead are crying out for justice. Their voices must be heard. It is the responsibility of the survivors to speak out for those who are unable to speak, in order that the genocide and holocaust will never happen again in this world” (Pran). The terror shrouded the country and silently influenced people’s lives.
Social cause. The Cambodian genocide, which was caused by Pol Pot’s desire for change, killed almost two million people. Cambodia, which had the history of nearly 100 years of colonialist rule, did not endure Pol Pot’s communist regime. Pol Pot “envisioned the creation of a “new” Cambodia based on the Maoist-Communist model” which became known as the Khmer Rouge (Cambodian Genocide). As an admirer of Mao Zedong and communism, he wanted to change Cambodia. Pol Pot wanted to form his own policies about the agricultural system and he named this the Democratic Republic of Kampuchea. He also wanted to form something called “Year Zero" which stated, “that society was about to be purified” by extinguishing…

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