The Generations Of Change Throughout America During World War II

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Generations of Change
Throughout history gay and lesbian individuals have suffered oppression and discrimination for their homosexuality. Homosexual individuals’ dual internally with issues of personal beliefs, values, and morals while fighting off outside offenses. Society and politics discuss homosexuality and the permissions and protections that are provided as if homosexuality were not already a practice within relationships. To fully consider the suffrage of homosexuals one must account for discrimination based dominantly on assumption while also considering any additional minorities the individual is a part of. Members of these sexualities face discrimination and oppression without protection from the legal system (Harper & Schneider, 2003). Lesbian and gay communities in America provide support to homosexual individuals.
Evidence of homosexual subcultures appear throughout history dating back to biblical references to Sodom and Gomorrah. In some historical cities homosexual behavior became a part of public life while other cities sought to criminalize the behavior (Aldrich, 2004). The development of communities offering support and subcultures providing connections are recorded in America during the Harlem Renaissance after World War 1. During World War 2 American’s witnessed the bluntness of the “Don’t tell, don’t ask” policy utilized by the military. This policy allowed gay men an opportunity to defend America, yet even during service faced discriminatory…

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