Essay about The Gender Gap At School David Brooks

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It is a popular belief that schools segregated by gender would improve the overall intelligence of the two gender binaries, however there is not enough evidence to support this [accusation]. In The Gender Gap at School David Brooks argues that gender segregated schools would cause a substantial improvement among male students’ success in receiving education. He claims that boys enjoy lower intellectual books than girls due to difference in how the brain works. This idea is supported by a survey between 400 women and 500 men, where the men preferred to read the books like Catcher in the Rye and Slaughterhouse-Five, women read Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. Brooks says that boys have trouble processing negative emotions compared to girls, thus create imbalance in education. However, studies show that female and male brains are not drastically different and are not to be blamed for decrease in successful students. Janey Hyde - a psychologist from the University of Wisconsin - analyzed 184 studies that cover over 1.6 million children from around the world, saw that single-sex education cannot improve a student’s academic performance because it is more greatly impacted by other outside factors. Brooks’ evidence is not only false, but also regards issues of sex and not gender. His misunderstanding of the difference between sex and gender not only shows a lack of knowledge on the subject, but also creates a link between sex and gender which creates unhealthy gender…

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