The Gender Differences Of Substance Abuse Essay

1143 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
In this paper I will be addressing the gender difference on substance abuse; looking into what makes a specific gender more prevalent to alcohol and drug dependency. According to many of the scholarly articles I’ve read men are much more likely to have chemical dependency issues. Looking deeper in the issue I found that there may be a link between society and these dependencies as well as some genes in men that aren’t in women. According to The Psychiatric Clinics of North America the Epidemiologic Catchment Area study during the early 1980’s, they ran a one month test for substance abuse disorders based on gender. They had found the men had a five times greater chance of an alcohol dependency disorder and were two or three times more prevalent to have other drug use disorders than women. When I read this I thought that this couldn’t be the most recent test to make the ruling on substance abuse based on gender. There was something that sparked in my mind when I read how men who were dramatically more likely to have higher house hold incomes and be alcohol dependent. Thinking about how much society has been changed over the years I thought to myself maybe there is an environmental or nurturing attribute based on the very concept of people who work or people in the business in the world. According to Brady and Randall of The Psychiatric Clinics of North America the change in societal roles and the increasing number of women entering into the work place there prediction is…

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