The Garden Party By Katherine Mansfield Essay

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The time is early summer in a year in the first decade of the 20th century. “The Garden party” by Katherine Mansfield unfolds at the estate of a well to do upper class family on Tinakori in Wellington, New Zealand, which Mansfield lives in 1898, at the nearby home of poor lower-class family, and on the road between the two dwellings. Mansfield, grew up in Wellington, attended school there, further her education in England in 1903, returned to Wellington in 1906, and return to England.
Mansfield explores different values which retrained women by means influencing their way of looking at life. Also she concentrates on a conventional but false education given to the upper class girls. The education in question that by design avoids the reality of life, such as poverty, death, life experience, the upper class girls are unprepared to face these facts. In addition they were used to show their superficial and luxurious attributes, women was not supposed to be spent time socializing but doing things related to the maintenance of the family, from sewing socks to laundry.
Wealthy children were overwhelmed by the high expectations their parents put on them in the 20th century. Sometimes parents expect so much from their kids to live in certain status and not get involve with bad influence. In Mrs. Sheridan eyes the workers in the garden were just a disposable tool. It is a way of discriminating and making people feeling less so she can feel better. The position of Laura’s father…

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