The Future Of Faith By Harvey Cox Essay

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In the broadcast of “Mysticism: The Future of Religion?” Professor Barfoot interviews Harvey Cox the writer of the book “The Future of Faith”. Harvey Cox was a professor at Harvard University that was the Hollis Professor of Divinity until he retired in 2009. In Harvey Cox’s book “The Future of Faith” he splits the history of Christianity into three different eras. The three eras are the Age of Faith, Age of Belief, and the Age of Spirit. During the Age of Faith was when Christianity had just begun and was a period where Christians abided by Jesus’s spirit. Moreover, the Age of belief was during the Council of Nicaea all the way until the 20th century when Christians focused on the dogma of Jesus. While the Age of Spirit is currently in the present as Christians have embraced God’s spirit through movements of Pentecostalism that is spreading on a global scale. Harvey Cox’s contribution to the understanding of mysticism is that people will become less dependent on any particular religious institution. That individuals can have a mystical experience of encountering God without heeding to religious authorities. In addition, Harvey Cox asserts that mysticism can go directly to the source of spirituality. This would imply that no more mediation would be required between religious figures like the Pope and his congregation to communicate with God. In other words, the middleman is being eliminated in the process of getting access to God.
Another contribution that Harvey…

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