The Fundamental Freedom Of Religion Essay

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The First Amendment, which guarantees the free exercise of religion, is a broad tenet which provides individuals with the inherent right to lead a life of faith and to act in a manner that faith prescribes and abstain from behaviors that faith prohibits. The freedom to live according to the dictates of one’s own conscience comes with the obligation to protect that freedom for oneself and all other individuals. Classical liberalism holds that individuals have inherent rights that are inalienable and derived from a source beyond nature and society, to his life, liberty, and property. Our Founding Fathers created the fundamental freedom of religion as a means to ensure religious liberty for all people and faiths, leaving the choice of faith in the hands of the people. Freedom of religion, which provides people with the right to practice or not practice a religion is cause for a corrupt society. The absence of religion may be cause of corruption, as it would create a divide between secular and non-secular individuals. A world deprived of faith lacks a set of principles that constitute a set of behaviors. On the other hand, while faith can be a means of peaceful co-existence and harmony, one’s beliefs may not necessarily be in line with their actions. The freedom of religion, as defined by the classical liberal paradigm, creates a divide in society as a result of people’s differences of beliefs and opinions through its ambiguity, as expounded upon by both Winthrop and Brownson,…

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