The Functions Of Computer Systems Essay

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Task 1: Understand the function of computer systems

a) Explain the role of computer systems in different environments

Write a report explaining the different types and environments that computer systems are found in and how the role of computer systems affects that environment.
Computer systems have come a long way since their first invention. They have become bigger, then smaller, then bigger again, then much smaller. The design of computer systems at first only depended on being able to fit all the hardware, fast forward a few decades and computer systems are now designed with the end-user in mind. Computer systems are also designed for their purposes, and each environment will require a different computer system. The different computer systems I will be discussing are mini, micro, mainframes and supercomputers. I have also categorized the environments as home, business, networking and real-time.
Microcomputer: are generally considered the smallest and most affordable compared to other types of computer systems. The internal storage of microcomputers is the smallest out of all types however it is also the easiest to upgrade. Microcomputers are specially designed for general usage like entertainment, learning and work purposes that need basic applications such as Excel and Word. By basic I mean applications that don’t require a lot of processing power. Minicomputers come in the general forms; desktop computers, laptops, personal digital assistant (PDA),…

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