The Functionalist Theory Of Deviance And Deviant Behaviors In Society

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Having deviance and doing deviant behaviors will always be a part of society due to their being guidelines and rules that have been set, these norms will contentiously be broken. Prostitution and other forms of sex work are considered deviant behaviors, it is men and women selling sex for money, drugs, and other valuable items; their behaviors can affect society in both negative and positive ways. Prostitutions range of indoor sex work, call girls, street prostitutes, and actors in pornographic videos and films. There are many theories that help to understand the deviance in sex work such as the functionalist theory and conflict theory. Sex work -prostitution has existed for many years in various countries, mainly in urban areas and the ethics of prostitution has often been debated. Its negative views are seen because of the violence it may cause, prostitution is legal in some states, but …show more content…
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