Essay about The Functional Way We Develop Insight On The World

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The functional way we develop insight on the world has been broken down and theorized by many researchers. The famous psychologist and psychoanalyst, Erik Erikson, broke down development into nine stages. Erikson described this proposal as, “anything that grows has a ground up plan, and out of this parts arise” (1980). The exploration of how situations influence our outcomes through life’s stages. How events in life impact our emotions as the brain develops from infancy to adulthood. The question arises if different individual paths shape this development. Erikson’s own personal experiences in life has played an impact on how he developed his own individual identity. Erikson was abandoned after his biological father left before he was born (Thomas, 2005). Erikson went through many difficult periods during his growth from the feeling of abandonment. During his time deciding on the plan for his future he was forced to sleep under bridges in Europe (Boeree, 1997). He went on to study at the Vienna Psychoanalytic Institute earning him a position at Harvard Medical School (Thomas, 2005). Erikson was greatly influenced by psychologist Sigmund Freud; both their models of development matched in similarities. The different is Erikson believed in development throughout life, where’s Freud stated that personality was shaped by age five (Thomas, 2005). Erikson’s own personal experiences of abandonment may have molded the development of his stages. Erikson’s stages are unclear about…

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