Essay The French Revolution

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Social Outcomes

Throughout the course of the French Revolution many results came from the event. One of the many causes of the French Revolution was the inequality between the Third Estates and the First and Second Estates. The middle classes soon realized that the king was an ineffective leader, even if King Louis XVI did suggest equal taxation but the idea was disregarded by the First and Second Estates. King Louis XVI was not a true leader, he was easily persuaded and very indecisive.

Not many were in favor of King Louis, only the odd few would stand by him as they greatly benefitted from him. Though, seeing as the majority of the population was in the Third Estate, many developed a hatred towards him. The economic standings of France were very poor and so, King Louis was advised by his finance minister to call the Estates General (May 5, 1789). During this event, the Third Estate representatives were enraged of the situation became deadlocked. The Third Estates decided to create a new National Assembly. The king was not pleased by this, in fact, he locked out the Third Estates deciding that is the Third Estates had no place to assemble there could be no National Assembly.

At this point the Third Estates were fuming and took to the king 's indoor tennis court where they took the Tennis Court Oath (June 20, 1789). The Tennis Court Oath (Fig. 5) was a promise that the Third Estates would never leave until change was made. It was a promise that there would be justice and…

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