The French Revolution And The Revolution Essay

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The French revolution which began in 1789 was an important point in world history because of the significant political turmoil it caused throughout Europe. One may ask how did this all started. The French revolution was a time of political and social change in France, during which the structure of the government changed drastically from an absolute monarchy to an enlightenment based principles of nationalism and inherent rights. The French citizens also eliminated the feudal privileges for the aristocracy alongside the absolute monarchy. This new changes were followed by violent unrest which resulted the trail and execution of the king and a massive bloodshed that lasted for years during the reign of terror. France’s European neighbors viewed the French Revolution with combination of fear and hatred.

In 1989, France began the journey eliminate the absolute monarchy and become a republic. This move made the monarchies around Europe very concerned. At the beginning, the monarchies waited anxiously and were keeping a close eye on the situation in France. As time passed, King Louis XVI slowly lost his power and the national assembly took over the country and violence followed in Paris and throughout the countryside. The European monarchies and the French nobles, army generals and the royal family shared their fear of the revolution. They were so fearful that many members of the monarchy fled the country and they were seeking refuge in other neighboring countries that…

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